Government denies NIS having a hand in Joho's Migori shooting scuffle

Governors Obado and Joho have since buried their hatchet.

On Wednesday, Mr Kiraithe stated that the opposition was using the unfortunate Migori incident to make up cheap lies that are out to tarnish the government.

“There is a group of politicians who have always stirred chaos to gain political sympathy and we know that. The government is already investigating,” he said.

In his unprecedented move, Kiraithe has dismissed earlier claims peddled that the National Intelligence Service (NIS) officers were actively involved in the planning and execution of Migori chaos, adding that claims that the government has been denying political rallies permits to hold public meetings is a ploy to dirt the government.

“We don’t have to blame the police if they think or know that a certain area is unsafe. They will obviously advice you not to hold a rally at that time, but this should not be taken to mean that you won’t carry out your rally when the place becomes safe later,” Kiraithe said.

He added: “We know Migori is one of such violent areas and police have identified it as a threatening area during elections.”

On Monday, a would be euphoric Ali Hassan Joho rally in Migori to open an ODM office ended in a disarray after supporters of area governor Okoth Obado and rival Ochilo Ayako clashed.

Obado has since been accused of plotting the mayhem, accusations he has not responded to.

Obado instead questioned the motives of Joho’s supremacy to an extend of attempting to open an ODM office in his backyard. He is the only governor in the Raila Odinga held region not in the ODM camp.


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