Interesting Details of Where Jubilee is Getting Billions for Campaigns

Speaking exclusively to, well placed sources divulged that orders from above had been issued to every...

From news on our televisions to the posters and billboards on the various streets throughout the nation, you will definitely not fail to come across a politician hunting for votes.

However, what cannot go unnoticed is the amount of money that has been splashed to spearhead these campaigns.

From state-of-the-art vehicles to tens of helicopters that colour campaign trails, one may ask where the huge amounts of money have come from.

Emerging details now allege that the ruling Government, Jubilee, is tactically using state organs to fund most of their campaigns.

A well-placed source working at Kenya Power divulged to that the Government is using parastatals to fund its operations.

According to the source, top managers were given clear instructions ‘from above’ to cut cost on everything so that the extra is piped into the campaigns.

“We can no longer earn money when we work for extra hours. Since the campaigns started the company is cutting cost on almost everything and we are being told that the money is going to campaigns,” she mentioned.

The contact highlighted that the loans they would normally get for instance to purchase cars had been slashed immensely.

“Some people are even being denied these loans while the regular amounts that we were always allocated have also been reduced tremendously,” she stated. also talked to another employee at East African Portal Cement Company who is fearing that her salary could be slashed because of the cost-cutting fever that has swept most parastatals.

“We were told that our salaries need to be harmonised because the company is cost cutting on everything,” the source disclosed.

Worse to this, our source noted that some people had even lost their jobs because of this.

Though it is openly known that Jubilee is being funded by some billionaires, who prefer to remain unknown, the parastatal tale of cost cutting to fund the campaign, brings a lot of questions specifically following the death Mumias Sugar Company Secretary Ronald Lubya.

Speaking on the matter on Monday, ODM party leader Raila Odinga blamed the Jubilee administration for his death.

According to Mr Odinga, the deceased was shot dead after he refused to sign a deal for the illegal importation of sugar from Sudan through Uganda.

A previous report by the Daily Nation also highlighted that several Cabinet Secretaries were in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign team and have been obligated to amass resources.

On the list included Energy Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge and his boss Charles Keter, something that could support the claims on cost cutting at Government-owned firms.

According to the Elections Act 2016: "a candidate, referendum committee or other person is prohibited against using public resources for the purpose of campaigning during an election or a referendum".


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