Joho forces Mohammed Ali to make hard decision 

Former KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali has been forced by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho...

In a long Facebook post, Ali stated that ODM primaries were marred by irregularities courtesy of Joho in order to favor his cousin Saido Abdallah who beat him to clinch the tick for Nyali parliamentary seat.Mohammed popularly known as jichopevu, has announced that he will run as an independent candidate in order to give the people of Nyali a leader they deserve.

"The Nyali primaries were marred with such deep and blatant irregularities that clearly favored a Saido victory. Voter bribery, intimidation, ballot stuffing and general interference in the election by Said Abdallah and his relative, current Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho, robbed Nyali’s residents of the chance to make a real choice," he stated. It was to be a “selection”, not an election – a slap in the face of everything that ODM stands for," part of the Facebook post read.

Read Also:  EXCLUSIVE: WHAT JOHO DID BEFORE MOHAMMED ALI FACED HIS COUSIN IN ODM PRIMARIESDespite Mohammed appealing the decision, ODM awarded the certificate to Saido."So blatant were the irregularities that the ODM national elections tribunal delivered a judgment nullifying the election on these grounds, and recommending that the National Elections Board select a candidate between Said and I. Their choice to hand the certificate to Said, in spite of the mountain of evidence that he cheated his way to victory," the post continues.He added, “I have chosen to stand as an independent candidate because I know in my heart that you, the people of Nyali now have a clear choice."


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