Why Joho was almost beaten by angry youth, barred from mosque 

Governor Hassan Joho was barred from entering a mosque in Mombasa and almost harassed by angry youth after...

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho

Speaking during the launch of the Mombasa County Action Plan for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (MCAP-PCVE), joho revealed that he was branded a kafir (non- believer) after announcing he would help rebuild a church for Christians.This was after Masjid Musa mosque was raided by police and Salvation Army Church, which was near the mosque, torched in retaliation by residents.

The Governor said that he was almost attacked by angry youth as he drove in majengo near the mosque as they branded him a non-believer over his actions. "I was spotted by some youth who were sitting outside the mosque. They shouted ‘Wewe Kafiri! (You Kafir)’. I told the boys off saying they could not judge me. I told them they might find me in heaven and themselves in hell on judgment day," joho stated.

The Mombasa Governor narrated that the experience taught him that Muslims and Christians should live in peace and harmony stating that they are not enemies.

“And, therefore, I made a decision that it is not and cannot be Islamic to keep quiet while lives are lost. It dawned on me that we must co-exist. We don’t have a choice," the Governor affirmed.

The Mombasa County has been putting different measures to counter extremism in the region and ensure peace as the country head towards the General Election.


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