Father to Brenda Cherotich explains why family wants her to stay away

Recovered Covid-19 patient not allowed to go home

Father to recovered Coronavius patient Brenda Cherotich, Mr Peter Rono, explains why family wants her to stay away

The father of recovered Covid-19 patient Brenda Cherotich has broken silence following the events that befell his daughter.

Mr Peter Rono noted that the family is still cautious about Brenda and they would not like her to get re-infected.

He explained that the family is not ready to hold a welcoming party at their home in Keongo village in Ainamoi Constituency, because it would require Brenda to travel.

“We want to reunite with her and even throw a party to celebrate her healing. However, that will have to wait until it is completely safe for her to travel.

“We miss her and we would like to see her and embrace her. However, we don’t want to rush things. We want her to continue practicing social distancing until the dark cloud of Covid-19 clears from the country. We don’t want her to tempt fate twice,” he told reporters.

Brenda’s brother in the US

Mr Rono, a father of five, further revealed that his son is currently in the United States but had tested negative for the deadly virus.

“When he heard his sister had been diagnosed with the disease, he took tests which turned out negative. What is worrying us now is the lockdown in some parts of the US and the spread of the disease in that country,” he stated.

The family also owes Brenda’s healing to God, saying that they prayed for her healing and are glad their prayer was answered.

“It is those prayers that have healed our daughter and we are grateful to God and all those who supported us. It was God’s plan for her not to come home when she landed back in Kenya. Probably she could have infected so many people, including fellow passengers, family members and even villagers as there would be no way of knowing she was sick,” he stated.


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