Gov't gets new equipment to help retrieve Mariam & Amanda from Likoni channel

Better equipment to recover bodies at Likoni

Gov't gets new equipment to help retrieve bodies at Likoni Crossing

The government has procured new equipment to help retrieve a mother and her child who drowned at the Likoni channel.

On Monday, the Navy revealed that the government had procured more equipment to help locate and retrieve the vehicle which had Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda.

According to the government, there are 14 locations where it is believed that the vehicle could be.

10 out of the 14 locations have already been combed through without success but the navy believes with the new equipment they will be able to emerge successful.

Remaining locations

The 4 remaining locations are said to be challenging because they lie deep in the sea which is more than 50 metres under the ocean.

Meanwhile, a team of South African private divers are expected to join the multiagency search and recovery mission for the victims of the Likoni ferry tragedy.

Government spokesman Col. (rtd) Cyrus Oguna said the family had hired divers from South Africa to join the recovery of Mariam and Amanda.

Bad weather

The first batch of the foreign divers are expected in the country today and the second batch will arrive on Monday and so on Tuesday, they join the multi-agency team involved in the search and recovery operation,” Col. (rtd) Oguna said.

"We are urging the affected family members and Kenyans at large to be patient as the search intensifies," he added.

Col. (rtd) Oguna said bad weather, strong currents and bad visibility from rainstorms hampered the search and recovery mission.


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