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Aspiring MP confirms marrying a socialite after being exposed on Kilimani Mums by first wife

Wannabe Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda has defended his move of marrying city socialite after his first wife exposed him on ‘Kilimani Mums Nairobi Uncensored’ for having been smitten by black magic into marrying a socialite.


About a fortnight ago, Zaheer Jhanda’s wife, Aaliyah Zaheer, posted a photo of her husband’s second wife, Faith Mutua aka Amber Ray, at a witchdoctor’s shrine as she accused her of using black magic to ‘steal’ her husband from her. The photo was posted on Facebook group, Kilimani Mums Nairobi Uncensored.

The aspiring MP has since come out to defend his second wife against claims by his first wife; Jhanda told the Nairobian that the photos were from a movie scene and that he was there when they were taken.

The wannabe MP also made it clear that he was a Muslim and that he was allowed to marry up to four wives; he explained that everyone knew Faith Mutua was his legally married wife. He however revealed his first wife had refused to acknowledge the fact that the socialite was now her co-wife.

“I am a Muslim, I am allowed up to four wives. Of course like any other woman my first wife can’t willingly allow me to marry, but I have sat her down and explained to her the situation. She lacks nothing, she’s well taken care of. Marrying a second wife doesn’t mean am leaving my first wife who has been with me through thick and thin for the past 15 years and I love her so much. I have also sat down with my family and explained to them the situation and everybody knows faith is my legally married wife,” Jhanda told The Nairobian.


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