Opposition Leader Raila Odinga has made it clear that he did not ask any Luo, Kenyan or African community to cremate bodies of the death, as reported by a local daily.

In a statement, the former Prime Minister said that he called on Kenyans to adopt speedy burials and avoid crowded burial ceremonies to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

I wish to clarify that in my interview with Kameme TV and Radio Milele, I did not ask the Luo or any other Kenyan and African community to cremate the dead as reported by The Star Newspaper,” said Odinga in a statement.

Raila added that cremation has never been part of the culture of most African communities and must not be forced on them now.

He also called on Kenyans to ignore the false and sensational reporting by The Star, which he said is a continuation of a series of misreporting about him.

I ask Kenyans to treat the report in The Star as a continuation of the sensational misreporting that has characterized the paper lately including a recent false and sensational report that I was to head an economic recovery team,” said Raila Odinga.