Sirisia MP John Walukhe has spoken for the first time after being released from Prison on a Ksh10 million cash bail, pending the hearing and determination of an appeal of the ruling that found him guilty of graft.

Speaking in Parliament, Walukhe said that he wanted to let Kenyans and Members of parliament to know that he did not steal, and he is not a corrupt man as is thought.

“I thank all the members of this house, those who stood with me during the difficult time that I had madam speaker and I want to let Members know and the Nation that I did not steal and I’m not corrupt. Sometimes madam speaker it’s just a challenge,” said the Sirisia MP.

He went on to state that the four months he has been in jail have been full of lessons, and he has learnt a lot during his time there.

The MP mentioned that one of the things he learnt is that there are many people who are in jail without for crimes they did not commit.

I’ve been in jail for almost 4 months and I’ve learnt a lot. It is a very big experience Madam Speaker that I’ve learnt there are prisoners in prison some who have been jailed without any mistakes,” said MP John Walukhe.

This was his first appearance in Parliament after months in jail.

Released on Bail

John Walukhe and his co-accused Grace Wakhungu were finally granted bail by the High Court, (Ksh10 Million and Ksh20 million bail respectively) pending an appeal of the ruling that found them guilty of graft.

Justice John Oyiengo of the High Court who presided over the matter ordered the two to deposit their travel documents with the court, and report to the deputy registrar once every month.

Walukhe had been sentenced to a combined 67-year jail term, or pay a fine Ksh1.04 billion while Wakhungu was sentenced to 69 years in prison or pay a fine of Ksh1.02 billion.