I have lost 7 children through abortions – Kenyan woman’s moving confession

Family planning champion shares her story

I have lost 7 children through abortions – Martha Anne Bwore moving confession

A Kenyan woman has revealed the pain that young Kenyan girls go through when left without parental guidance and sex education.

Martha Anne Bwore confessed her naïvety as a young student studying in India, that saw her lose seven children through abortions.

She told a local TV station that she grew up in a normal Kenyan home with strict siblings and parents.

Like most conservative homes, her upbringing did not involve any sex education but was confronted with that reality at the age of 17 when her parents sent her to study in India.

My parents sent me to study in India

Here I am in India with money, booze, boys and freedom. There was scarcity of girls so we were treated like royalty,” she said.

It was the melee that she got pregnant but only realized it when she suffered a spontaneous abortion and lost her first child.

Traumatised, she got back to the party life but it did not take long before her boyfriend impregnated her for the first time.

I told him and he told me we are still young and he told me to get rid of it. I am someone who If I love you, I will do anything for you, so I did it.

It did not take long before she suffered a third pregnancy, which she had decided to keep.

Unfortunately, it was a problematic pregnancy and the doctors advised that it would kill her if she kept it.

After that third pregnancy, I went into depression and would take a lot of booze and lots of sex, it was like you are medicating yourself. Two years later, I got pregnant.”

Her boyfriend cajoled her to do the fourth abortion despite all her plans to keep it a secret from him until delivery.

After that I got angry at my boyfriend but there was another Kenyan I was also close to. I got pregnant but this time it was on purpose,” she recalled.

She said her boyfriend was on a scholarship and would be punished if it was found out. He begged him to get rid of it and she agreed.

This one was 5 months. I told the doctor I want to get rid of the children. They did a pregnancy test but midway during the process, they stopped. The doctor directed I be subjected to an ultrasound and that’s when they realized I was having twins.”

“After two days of horror, I watched at my two babies, a boy and a girl and they were just hugging…and I cried, I told God to forgive me and promised to live to his will,” Bwore narrated.

It was not long before she got a sixth pregnancy but she decided to keep the baby, come what may.

The result of that pregnancy is Bwore’s only daughter – a 27-year old daughter named Doti who accompanied her during the TV interview.

She was to later undergo another abortion upon her return to Kenya before she later got pregnant which gave her another child – a son aged 21.

Bwore says she hoped her story would help Kenyan girls adopt more responsible family planning methods. 

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