Three terror suspects were killed after an Improvised Explosive (IED) exploded.

During the incident suspected to have been targeting a border security patrol unit at Kiunga area in Lamu County, two police officers critically injured.

A police report stated that the Border Security Patrol (BSP) unit members engaged the terrorists and thwarted the attack.

Authorities blamed the attempted assault on terror group Shabaab which has allegedly been trying to breach the border area.

Kenya Army Foils attack
Kenya Army Foils attack

However, the officers have exuded confidence that the terror cells suspected to be operated in the area lack facilities, hence they will not pose any serious security breach.

"Suicide bomber"

In May this year, a Lamu court jailed a Tanzanian man suspected of terrorism for 110 years.

Abdul Harun Karim was found at Kiwayu Island in Lamu County three years ago while recording a video entitled "suicide bomber".

IED explosives
IED explosives

According to the State, Karim was arrested on May 9, 2016, at Kiwayu Island in Lamu on his way to Somalia to be trained as a terrorist.

The judge ordered that the accused serve 30 and 20 years concurrently for first and second counts, then start serving 15 years each on four counts of collection of information, concurrently.