It's as if he had been preparing us for this - Jacqueline Nyaminde "Wilbroda" recounts details of last month with Papa Shirandula

I am still in shock - Jacqueline Nyaminde "Wilbroda"

Actress, radio presenter Jacqueline Nyaminde "Wilbroda" addresses mourners during the burial of Charles Bukeko alias "Papa Shirandula"

Actress and Radio Presenter Jacqueline Nyaminde alias Wilbroda on Monday addressed mourners during the burial of Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula.

While admitting that she is yet to come to terms with the loss of her co-star, Ms Nyaminde recounted moments she had shared with the late Bukeko over the last month of his life.

"In just the last week, I met him as I was going to work. And we would often meet this way, he would be in his car, me in mine and we would stop and have a chat. And we would talk until I would have to cut it short and tell him 'Papa, I'll be late for work'.

"Even at the last minute Papa was very happy, full of so much joy! He had such high hopes and we were still working together down to his last breathe.

"I've been replaying the last conversation I had with Papa, even the meals we shared and even the fact that particularly this last month alone we did so much work together we worked on so many projects that in my thinking, I believe that God knew this was coming and Papa was simply telling us goodbye because we had even gotten so much closer during this time," Ms Nyaminde recounted.

In an emotional tribute, Ms Nyaminde relayed that her relationship with the deceased had been more than just work colleagues that they had grown to be friends and even neighbours.

She also assured the bereaved family that they are in her thoughts and prayers.

"I am still in shock, I have really thought about him since I heard the news of his passing... I know it will take me some time to finally accept that Papa has left us, it is so painful! And Mama (Mrs Bukeko) let me assure you that I have not stopped thinking of you and your children. Your children and mine are friends, sorry for your loss...I can't even put in words how difficult this time is for all of us," she stated.


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