Kenyan Dies After Lunch at KICC

Died after two Cabinet Secretaries attending the same event at KICC were hospitalised

Mr Makosala was found dead at his house along Mbagathi Road in Nairobi after the event in which two Cabinet Secretaries - Henry Rotich and Adan Mohammed - were admitted at Nairobi Hospital with cholera-like symptoms.

Divulging the information on Facebook, one of Makosala friends, Branice Mayienga, stated it could have been a case of food poisoning.

However, after attending the event on Wednesday Makosala did not experience problems until on Firday.

“George Makosala... my fren... we sat together on Wednesday at the Kenya Trade Show at KICC and laughed and later had lunch only to hear you are gone... a case of food poisoning... I am so so angry... Rest in peace,” Branice posted.

A neighbour mentioned that the 42-year-old had complained of stomachache and even requested for some pain killers.

"About 20 minutes later, he came up to my window to pick the painkillers and asked me to keep checking on him. He appeared worn out. I passed him the drugs and went back to sleep.

“While I was at work at around 2 pm on Friday, I remembered I had not checked on him. I called another neighbour and asked her to find out how George was doing,” he said.

The caretaker recounted events of the fateful day stating: "The door was open and so they just walked in. The table had been pushed. A glass that appeared to have fallen from the table was on the floor, broken. Books and photos were scattered all over the place.

"That is when I saw him lying on the floor in the corridor next to the toilet. We went close and realised it was George. We tried calling him and tapping him but there was no response. I realised he was not breathing when I moved closer,” the caretaker narrated.

Makosala was planning to get married in September and his fiancé - Daisy Akiny - was greatly saddened by his death.

“We talked about the wedding plans and finalising other issues. We even had premarital classes and counselling here.”

The love birds were planning to move to South Africa after the wedding.


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