Why Kenyans can’t get enough of airtel

‘Game of Ads’ who takes the Throne, Airtel impresses Kenyans 

Airtel ads impress Kenyans

As they say, Competition is healthy and brands go to all levels to outdo each other as they attempt to woo customers.

That describes Airtel in 2019, the telco took the internet by storm over the weekend when they unleashed video advertisements that were aimed at their competitors.

The telco company took a jibe at one of the companies in the country, predominantly green by colour, at how fast their data is usually consumed without accountability. 

The ad seems to have related to problems majority of Kenyans were enduring going by the contributions made by netizens on social media platforms.


Some even put up polls asking KOT to retweet or like depending on the data bundles they enjoy using the most.

The battle lines were drawn when one of Airtel’s video, showed a waiter donned in green, serving a customer a burger only to turn around and bite a large chunk of it.

This Ad struck a chord with Kenyans online after they noticed how the waiter did not care while eating up the client's meal, portraying the attitude of their competitor with their services and products.

Hilarious as it was, netizens shared stories noting how the Ad highlighted their plight of how their data bundles would get finished fast and without notice.

Catchy videos

Netizens were also captured by the catchy video of a trader selling bananas at a bus terminus only to pluck out chunks of bananas from the bunch as he was giving them to a customer through the window of a bus.

The video described a situation where the competitor gives with the right hand and at the same time taking with the left.

Going by the reactions, KOT applauded the telco as describing the plight they endure every day.

A section even when ahead to describe as the ‘unfair marriage’ they’ve been to endure for a long time affirming that it’s time #GetWhatYouPayFor.

Reactions by Netizens on social media

Bilha Okesh who said: "I love airtel... The best in roaming. Safaricom zangu zote huenda off nikifika airport ya a foreign country but airtel works well."

She added: "I can tell someone in Kenya to deposit money into my airtel money account and the money comes through. I send the money back to Kenya for emergencies through airtel money and their charges are awesome."

Netizens shared pictures of a billboard where a green apple had a large chunk bitten off and praised Airtel for painting the perfect picture of their woes.

4G coverage

"Thanks, kwa kutuletea 4G nyeri.....siku izi net iko chojo kuruka But hio advert joh," Brian Cosmas posted.

"I can't complain about airtel. Very good offers, and a fast network," another netizen, Lex stated.

The third Ad of a lady's hair being chopped off after it was done by her hairdresser also left netizens in stitches.

While leaving the salon the client is handed a hefty bill despite not getting what she had paid for.


Some like Denis Micheni couldn't help but tag their friends on the ad urging them to switch to Airtel.

"Sikuwa nimeona hii. Doreen Switz utakatwa bado umekwama uko kwa kijani kibichi?" Micheni asked on Facebook.

Kenyans were thoroughly impressed by all the blows Airtel delivered as one of Kenyans biggest Telcos operating in a competitive space.

Airtel took the win in this for not shying away from getting in this mud-slinging world of ads and created a new ball game for others who will go down this road.


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