Kenyans on social media mourn with lawyer Donald Kipkorir and his family

May she rest in peace

Kenyans on social media mourn with lawyer Donald Kipkorir over the loss of his 116-year old grandma Mama Sabina Kabon Moyo

The Kenyan social media community on Thursday joined prominent city lawyer Donald Kipkorir and his family after the loss of his grandmother Mama Sabina Kabon Moyo.

Don, as his popularly refereed on social media circles, shared an emotional send off for his grandmother whom she said had played an integral role in shaping his childhood.

"My Beloved & Dearest Grandma, Sabina Kabon Moyo, Fare Thee Well as we lay you to rest today to enable you join the Heavenly Choir where you belong. Thanks for bringing me up. Thanks for teaching me to say the Rosary & Pray ever day," Kipkorir said.

The flamboyant lawyer further recalled his childhood which was marked by poverty as his late grandmother sold chang'aa while his mother was in the busaa business.

"Though she has been hanging between life and death for several months, she only decided to leave after she received Last Rites from the Priest."

"For my upper Primary School, I moved in to stay with her. I was the only grand child she lived with. And as I have told you before, I was educated by her and my mum. My grandma sold Chang’aa and my mum sold busaa. Though we grew up poor, we never went hungry. My grandma taught me to pray everyday ... We never missed Sunday Mass. if there is lasting legacy she gave me, it is the gift of prayer," he added.

The Kenyan social media community, where Don is a prolific contributor, flooded his timeline with condolence messages.

"Pole sana, ndugu. May she be at peace with the angels that she was a living embodiment of," businessman Mihr Thakar stated.

"Don, I notice strong women have been a constant in your life. Your grandma, your mom etc. That kind of environment brings out the best in a person. Strong women:May we know them, may we be like them, may we raise them. My condolences," Anne Lemaiyan said.


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