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Kenyans reveal 5 things they will remember Uhuru with after his 2nd term - Tifa poll

Uhuru's legacy after 2 terms as President of Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta

A new survey by Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA) has revealed the top five achievements they will associate with President Uhuru Kenyatta once he completes his second term in office.

The survey showed that 41 per cent of Kenyans will remember him for the infrastructural projects that have been executed during President Kenyatta's regime.

The other four positive achievements of Uhuru's legacy were listed as enhancing national unity through the handshake with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (10%); extending the electricity grid (4%), providing jobs/ financial support for the needy (4%) and reducing the cost of education (2%).

When asked about the most negative factor of President Kenyatta's administration, 18% of Kenyans named increased public debt.


Other negative factors that have marred President Kenyatta's legacy were listed as 17% economic hardships for many Kenyans (17%); increased corruption (11%); violation of his oath/disobedience of court orders/the Constitution (5%) and betrayal of this DP (4%).

What problems are affecting Kenyans?

The survey also covered a study of the issues that are currently affecting Kenyans causing them to believe that the country may not be heading to the right direction.

"The overwhelming perception of Kenyans as to the country’s current challenges are economic, specifically, the cost-of-living and unemployment (both at 27%). However, Covid-19, which has both health and economic aspects, also receives considerable mentions (16%). But other economic issues (poverty, hunger/famine) are also identified (6% and 4%, respectively). Among governance issues, most frequently mentioned is corruption (12%)," the report outlined.


When the participants were asked about there local context, researchers found that there was even more agreement about the presence of economic challenges at the local level, with the top four mentions (unemployment, the cost-of-living, hunger/famine and poverty) in total attracting a clear majority of all responses (64%).

"While nationally only a few mentioned Covid-19 as the main problem or challenge facing most people in their locality (5%), there is considerable regional variation, with residents of Nyanza over five times more concerned with this issue as those of Coast or North Eastern (2% and 0%, respectively). Evidently, such heightened concern in western regions reflects the recent spike in cases there, reportedly as a result of the arrival and spread of the more aggressive Delta variant (said to have originated in India)," the report read.


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