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Drama as members of the public carry stuck lovebirds throughout town (Video)

A man and a married woman engaging in illicit sex were paraded before the public after they got stuck. The cheating lovebirds were forced to call for help after they couldn’t ‘disengage’.


A cheating wife in Daraja Mbili, Kisii County was embarrassed after she got stuck with her lover while having sex. The woman and her lover went to Westgate bar and lodge to make love while her husband was away on a business trip.

Disaster happened when the cheating lovers were done quenching their sexual thirst; the man could disengage from the lady.

After making several attempts to ‘come out’ without success, the cheaters decided to make loud yells to attract people.

And when they responded to the cries, they found the pair racking in pain as the man lay motionless on top of the woman.


"Mutusaidie! Mutusaidie!" Translation: "Help us! Help us!" The woman shouted as a crowd got into their room.

A crowd milled around the lodge and the two lovers were carried outside on a sheet as more and more people gathered to see the shamed lovers, still locked together and draped only in sheets.

Apparently the woman’s husband got wind of his wife’s promiscuity and decided to seek the help of a witch doctor to bust her.

K24 reports that the woman’s husband was given a concoction prepared by a witch doctor which made his wife get stuck when she went to have sex with her lover.

The stuck pair was taken to the witch doctor as a huge crowd followed to witness the drama. Upon arrival at the witch doctor’s place, the stuck man was ordered to pay a fine for sleeping with a married woman.


The witch doctor separated them and warned residents the cheating lovers’ ordeal served as a lesson to those cheating in relationships.

Watch the video below:


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