MP kicked out of Parliament for coming with new born baby

Get out with the baby- MP told

MP escorted out of National Assembly chamber for bringing a baby

Kwale Women Representative Zuleika Hassan was kicked out of the National Assembly after she walked into the chamber with a baby.

The Speaker of the National Assembly on Wednesday, termed move unprecedented.

Zuleikha said she had an emergency and had to choose between coming with the baby to work, or not coming to work altogether.

Addressing journalists outside Parliament, Ms Hassan pointed out that there was no family room for lactating mothers who are parliamentarians and other staff members.

The Majority Leader Aden Duale called out the Sergent at Arms for allowing the Kwale Legislator to walk in the chambers with a new born baby.

Lactating rooms for mothers

"All of us have children, this House has a stranger and it has never happened since 1963," the Garissa Town MP said.

Mothers all over the world have plenty of responsibilities to play to manage office and house work equally.

There is also a lot of social stigma attached to mothers breastfeeding their children in public spaces.

A lactation room in its simplest form is a private space where a nursing mother can express breast milk for her baby.


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