Cate Waruguru exposes Tanga Tanga's strategy - reveals DP Ruto's "dirty secrets"

"I'm like Saul when he saw the light and became Paul"

Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru exposes Tanga Tanga's strategy - reveals DP Ruto's "dirty secrets"

Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru has turned against the Tanga Tanga formation where she has been a die hard supporter for the past three years.

Waruguru said her decision to abandon Tanga Tanga and Deputy President William Ruto was informed by a lot of reflections and wide consultations during her maternity leave.

She compared herself to the biblical transformation of Saul to Paul, saying she had seen the light and realized the error of her ways.

"When I was campaigning I told my people that I would support President Uhuru Kenyatta and fight those who would sabotage his government. How it changed to 2022 politics I dont know but I will now stick with President Uhuru come what may," Waruguru said.

The sharp-tongued politician confirmed that the Tanga Tanga camp, where she was a member , had a strategy if turning the people of the Mt Kenya region against President Uhuru Kenyatta and create an impression that Ruto was their only savior.

"We would go round Mt Kenya complaining that Uhuru's government is not doing anything and the DP would always be sitting there stumping his foot. At some point, I started asking myself, is the DP a poor messenger who never takes the message to his boss?"

She further claimed that the DP's numerous tours to Mt Kenya were masked to help Ruto campaign in the region and that they were sometimes filled by empty promises.

"We have been busy going round doing harambees and going to churches. In some cases, what was promised is not delivered. When I accompanied Ruto to Laikipia he promised several buses to schools and we are still waiting for them. Other regions are busy doing development projects and I have decided that I will not take my people to the Opposition," she stated.


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