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Why Kenyans still prefer sending SMSs to WhatsApp messages

SMS vs WhatsApp messages

The 2018 Economic Survey report shows that the use of SMS is on the rise as a whopping 65.7 billion SMSs were sent in 2017 alone. This represents a 42 percent increase from the 46.3 billion SMSs sent in 2016.

The survey further reveals that Kenyans are sending more international SMSs as opposed to making phone calls abroad.

“In 2017, Kenyans sent 41.4 million international SMSs while in 2016 a total of 38.5 million SMSs were sent,” the report indicates.


Why SMS is still popular

The increase in the use of SMS is attributed to the availability of services such as SMS tariffs, one-bundle tariffs and provision of bulk SMS services.

The Economic survey also discloses that international calls are on the decline. 1.057 billion minutes were recorded in 2017, a decrease from the 1.195 billion minutes calls made in 2016.

This decrease is connected to the preference of WhatsApp calls, Skype, and social media which are relatively cheap compared to making phone calls.

The reports further reveals the top five countries where one would be charged exorbitantly when making a call.


Burundi is on top of the list as one would be charged Sh56 per minute. Somalia comes in second at Sh45 per minute.

In Italy and Switzerland the charges are at Sh37.50, a call in Japan will see you part with Sh30 per minute while making a call to France and Germany will cost you Sh27.50 per minute.


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