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Meet ‘Hessy wa Eastleigh’, Nairobi’s most feared cop (Photos)

He gunned down two young men in broad daylight in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area.

Soon after these killings, there was a surge of cops under the moniker ‘Hessy’ on social media who hunted down and brutally killed young gang members most notably Clea Adi Vybz and Mwanii.

A year after the rise of the Hessys, BBC African Eye has now unmasked the man who started it all, Ahmed Rashid. This was is a documentary named ‘Hunting down gangsters with Kenya’s Ahmed Rashid’.

“We have to get them, whether alive or dead, that one doesn’t have any compromise about it,”  Ahmed says in the clip as they go on the hunt for Eastleigh’s most wanted gangsters. He does this with the help of 6 others known as ‘The Pangani Six’ a the team of plain-clothes policemen.


The unit was formed due to the soaring crime rates in Eastleigh and so community leaders lobbied the local police chief to appoint Ahmed Rashid as the leader of the police unit. And with the help of Ahmed, the crime rate is said to have dropped by 80% and the Ahmed has struck fear into the hearts of the Superpower Gang.

“The gang is very scared of him, very because you fear the person who is more powerful, they are very scared of him. It’s like a cat and rat, the rat is very afraid of the cat,” A masked gang leader told BBC Africa Eye's Jamal Osman.

Watch the full documentary below:


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