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5 things to consider before buying a mattress

Get the best!

5 things to consider before buying a mattress

And that is why a good mattress is important when it comes to getting the much-needed Z’s.

Sometimes it’s not that easy to get a good mattress and that’s why we all need a guide to getting this very important object.

We compiled these 5 important things to guide you:


1. Size of your bed

Before getting your mattress, know the exact measurement of your bed to avoid buying a 5x6 when your bed is a 4x6. Nothing worse than hauling a mattress for a long distance only to come and find out that it’s too big or too small for your bed.

2. Price and quality

Get the best out of the money you have, before the purchase it is advisable to ‘google’ and find out how other consumers rate the product. In addition, you can ask your friends and even people on social media for their recommendations.


3. Support and cushioning

Mattress Wiz recommends that you find a mattress that hits the sweet spot when it comes to support and cushioning. Soft mattresses may be comfortable but they don’t give you the support your body needs while very firm mattresses can be hard and uncomfortable.

“Make sure to get the right balance between softness and firmness according to your body's shape and weight,” the mattress experts recommend.

4. Durability

No one wants to buy a mattress and in a few months, your ribcage is making contact with the under mattress support board. In Kenya, skinnier mattresses don’t make it to the long haul and are uncomfortable as hell, maybe that is why many boarding schools recommend them so that you don’t ‘sleep too much’.


So get something thicker preferably high density and if you have the coins, go for more durable and comfortable types of mattresses like Orthopedic mattresses or an innerspring mattress.

5. Test the mattress

You can do all the above, you can read the online reviews but only you know what you desire in a mattress. Plop on a number of the mattress if the store allows and find one that you would like to come home to.


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