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Outrage erupts after house help was caught on camera relieving herself in the kitchen [Video]

Urgent call for scrutiny in hiring domestic help after lady was caught on CCTV relieving herself in the employer's kitchen, then pouring the content on a sink full of utensils

A CCTV captures a house help peeing in the kitchen

A video caught on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has left viewers both disgusted and shocked.

In the footage shared by NGC on Saturday, a house help is seen relieving herself in her employer's kitchen.

The video has ignited outrage from social media users who have since called for the immediate dismissal of the domestic worker.


The unsettling video, which went viral on social media, has evoked strong reactions. In the footage, the house help walks from the living room, where she had been caring for the employer's children, into the open kitchen area adjacent to the living room.

The woman then proceeds to pick up a bowl from the kitchen sink and urinate into it. Unknown to her, this act was captured on camera.

As the video circulated on various social media platforms, it prompted a swift and powerful response from the online community.


Many social media users expressed their outrage and called for the immediate termination of the house help's employment.

The act, considered inexcusable and unsanitary, has raised concerns about the safety and well-being of the children under her care.

Viewers also raised questions about the need for increased scrutiny during the hiring of domestic help, especially when they are entrusted with the welfare of young children.


Shockingly, this is not an isolated incident. Another video shared by a TikTok account called Peepowls a week ago, depicts yet another house help urinating in a bowl in a kitchen.

What's more, the second video shows the woman using a urine-filled bowl to prepare tea. This additional horrifying revelation has further intensified the public's condemnation of such deplorable acts.

The emergence of these videos has sparked discussions on the importance of strict background checks and better screening procedures when hiring domestic workers.

Employers are now being urged to exercise extra caution and diligence when bringing domestic help into their homes, especially if they have children.


The public consensus is clear: such actions cannot be tolerated, and house helps who engage in such shocking behavior should be swiftly removed from their positions.

Employers are being urged to take strong disciplinary action to protect their households and ensure the safety and well-being of their families.


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