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Brother to Jacob Ocholla clarifies truth about relation to the late Mwai Kibaki

Jacob Ocholla surfaced after the passing of the late Kibaki claiming he was his eldest son and wanted to be included in the inheritance of the former president.

Jacob Ocholla and Charles Ocholla

Charles Ocholla, the younger brother of the man who claimed to be the late President Mwai Kibaki’s son, has come forward to deny his elder sibling's allegations. Jacob Ocholla alleged that he was the firstborn son of the former head of state, claims Charles has dismissed as ridiculous.

Charles further pointed out that his brother had lied about his age in the birthdates he gave. He insisted that their parents were, Hillary Joseph Ocholla and Mama Jane Achieng Ocholla.

“I was born on May 3, 1960. If Jac was born on July 22, 1960, then my mother must have been a miracle father because he gave birth to two children in less than three months,” Charles said in an interview with NTV.


The allegations made by Jacob have brought shame to their family, according to Charles, who is a father of two. The family has found it tough to deal with the situation, and they do not discuss it much with friends and relatives.

Charles Ocholla revealed that his elder brother's actions came as a surprise to the family. They were not aware of what he was planning to do. In a past interview, Jacob claimed that he was introduced to Kibaki by his mother in July 1982, when Kibaki was vice president. Kibaki allegedly confirmed that he was Jacob's biological father.

Charles clarified that the period when Jacob claimed to have been introduced to Kibaki was just days after their father had passed away, and their mother was abroad.


Jacob Ocholla moved to court on September 22, 2022, seeking recognition from Kibaki's family and a share of the former president's estate. He filed a petition in Nyeri, seeking to compel Kibaki's children to reveal whether his name was included in the late president's will.


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