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Details of the new government role given to dancing Kisumu Chief John Migun

Chief John Ogilo Migun lands new role after viral dancing video

Dancing Kisumu Chief John Migun who has landed a new role in government to promote Huduma Center after viral video

Northern Sub-Location Assistant Chief John Ogilo Migun, who became an internet sensation after when a video showing his dancing skills went viral has landed a new role in government.

Migun who is aged 38 has been tasked with promoting Huduma Center services while still executing his role as an administrator.

In his first assignment, the administrator was filmed at Kisumu Headquarters Building in Milimani sensitizing the public on the government services provided at the Huduma Centre and operational hours.

A video seen by news desk shows that administrator donning a branded shirt and dancing alongside other Huduma Center officials.


Donning a Huduma Center-branded shirt, the administrator announced the operating hours of the facilities, the services that can be accessed and urging Kenyans to seek various government services.

“Sasa watu nguyaz, mabazuu na mayutman, services sasa ni saa moja asubuhi hadi saa moja jioni. Unatoka job, colle, ama works zako zingine unaingia Huduma center, na baada ya hiyo saa majo unaenda kutulia (Greetings my people and the youth, services are now available here from 7 am until 7 pm. After leaving your workplace, college or other engagements, you can head to our Huduma centres, and after that, you go and relax,” said Mr Migun in sheng while targeting the youth.

Migun became an internet sensation after his dancing video captured during an undercover investigations went viral.

"We went to have late lunch then we entered there where we were conducting some undercover investigations.


“Since the video went viral, many people have been coming to my office to give important information on security matters,” Migun stated.

He shared that his new fame has not affected his working relationship with his bosses and the public, noting that he has received important information from the public.


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