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Man who swallowed toothbrush opens up on what happened minutes before the horrific incident

How the toothbrush went down his throat

It was incomprehensible how the 15-20 centimeter tool used for cleaning teeth made its way down David Charo’s throat and into his stomach.

Mr. Charo has recounted what transpired before the horrific incident that saw him rushed to Coast General Hospital where an endoscopy procedure was performed.

The 34-year-old divulged that he was brushing his teeth and tongue near the throat area when he accidentally swallowed the toothbrush.


“It was around 8 am. I was brushing my teeth as I prepared to go to Mombasa for work. But as I was brushing my teeth and tongue near the throat, I swallowed the toothbrush which was lodged in my throat,” he told the Nation.

Charo recounts that he was in excruciating pain but nobody was ready to help him.

Since the incident happened on April’s fool days many ignored his cry for help while others dismissed it as witchcraft.

Luckily, his brother Julius Kilifi came to his aid and rushed him to the hospital.

"When I opened my mouth my brother could see it, but he couldn’t remove it since I was in pain. As I was being rushed to the hospital on a boda-boda, it continued sinking until it got stuck in my stomach. I could feel it," he said.


Charo has vowed to be careful when brushing noting: "I know this incident is bizarre, but it was an accident. I am a Jehovah witness faithful, I believe in God".

CPGH’s chief administrator Iqbal Khandwalla mentioned that if the toothbrush had stayed longer in Charo’s stomach, he would have developed other complications.

"We decided to use endoscopy because it is less dangerous, has shorter recovery time, less time consuming, less painful and it’s a modern way of treatment," Khandwalla said.


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