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David Ndii blasts State House staff over communication error

David Ndii has been a vocal critic of the same government he serves.

Chairperson of President William Ruto's Council of Economic Advisors David Ndii

David Ndii, the chairperson of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisers, has criticized the dissemination of information by the Presidential Communication Service.

Ndii flagged communication that the Cabinet had approved the construction of the Bomet - Narok power transmission line at a cost of €400 million (Sh66 billion) to prevent frequent power outages.

He criticized journalists for reporting the wrong figures, saying that the 400 million was in Kenyan shillings, not Euros.

“These are shillings. Kenyan journalists are atrocious at reporting figures even when they work for the Government. Even the greediest eaters aren’t this ambitious,” he said.


However, many Kenyan journalists brought it to his attention that the information was disseminated by the PCS, after which he said that even journalists at State House were not above correction.

“In my personal experience, if you make a presentation with multiple currencies and some figures in millions others in billions, our journalists will mix them up. Guaranteed,” Ndii said.

The chairperson of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisers also questioned why Kenyans are surprised at government blunders, adding that the current administration was also part of the much-criticized Jubilee government.

“Are you surprised? How many things go wrong in government every day without accountability? Did this administration just land from Singapore or it came from Jubilee?,” Ndii asked.


Ndii has been a vocal critic of the same government he serves.

Some of the key instances include his criticism of the government's economic policies, warnings about the country's debt position, and his unapologetic stance on various issues.

Ndii has been vocal about what he perceives as misplaced government spending, high debt levels, and the need for increased production and productivity to address economic challenges.


His comments have sparked both support and backlash, with some questioning the manner in which he conveys his opinions.

Despite holding an official position, Ndii has continued to express his views openly, leading to debates and discussions across various platforms, particularly on social media.

His remarks have not been limited to economic matters, as he has also made controversial statements about political issues, leading to further scrutiny and criticism.


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