Deputy President William Ruto and his allies have hit back President Uhuru Kenyatta following his remarks on 2022 succession politics after he mentioned that “Kenya cannot be ruled by only two tribes”.

Speaking at a Church Service in Kayole, DP Ruto mentioned that when he campaigned for Uhuru back in 2013 and 2017 it was not because of his tribe but the ability to deliver to the people of Kenya. He went on to urge his competitors to base their politics on ideologies and not tribe.

“Many of the people who were talking yesterday, are the once who told me I cannot support another Kikuyu and I told them I’m not supporting Uhuru Kenyatta because of his tribe, I’m supporting Uhuru because we have a plan that will transform this country…We cannot go back to tribal politics, we can only move forward if leaders stop seeking leadership positions based on their tribes, and instead focus on ideologies, don’t tell us about tribes, we want to have a conversation about every hustle.

…Leadership positions are not awarded, leaders are chosen by Kenyans, if you say you are tired of I don’t know… a dynasty, you are free to seek mandate from the people, let us respect each other as it is the only way to build a strong country,” Said DP Ruto.

Deputy President William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto

DP Ruto also declared support for Bishop Margaret Wanjiru as the next governor of Nairobi in the upcoming gubernatorial by-election.

"It is not must that William Ruto or anybody must be president, but it’s a must that will must all sit on the table" added DP Ruto.

Over the weekend, President Kenyatta appeared to suggest that he may support a candidate from another tribe in 2022.

In a tweet, Senator Kipchumba Murkomen said: “I supported President Kenyatta not because of his tribe. In any case the Constitution says “a person qualifies for nomination as a President..”NOT “a TRIBE/FAMILY/RELIGION/RACE”quite unfortunate for the President to degenerate his fight with an individual to profile 2 communities”

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika added “Did he just WAKE UP & discover it’s been ‘Jamii mbili’? How disingenuous! The noble thing would have been for him to decline Presidency in 2013 coming after Kibaki & Kenyatta. Btw I didn’t vote for him cos of his tribe I unfortunately believed he was the best candidate then”.