Drama in court as NASA lawyers cry foul over witchcraft

Gumbo v Rasanga case marred by witchcraft claims

The Siaya senator is representing the commission and a returning officer in a petition challenging Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga’s victory.

The case had barely began at the Siaya High Court but there are already claims of foul play by- witchcraft.

During a hearing, Rasanga’a lawyer, Nicholas Ombija complained that the petitioner’s witnesses were using witchcraft.

The petitioner, Nicholas Gumbo, is being represented by Ogutu Mboya who dismissed the claims.

Ombija also added that the petitioner’s witnesses were chewing weird things and had sprinkled strange stuff around the court.

The presiding judge, Justice Esther Maina instructed the witnesses to stop chewing when called to the stand.


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