Nairobi’s mysterious and nitrous cop, Hessy Wa Dandora has sounded a warning to an alleged pastor who has been terrorizing Dandora residents, in the guise of praying for them, hours after gunning down one thug.

Taking to a Facebook group, , the mysterious coup warned the man, identified as Okite Stephen Oketch and a John Ernest Onyango, against terrorizing residents of Dandora Estate.

“I want you to be attentive, staki upitwe na kitu, kisha ukishaona maiti hapa unaanza kusema ati mara alikuwa bishop, sijui pastor ya kanisa gani. [sic].

“This two gentlemen here, one with two different names: Okite Stephen Oketch aka Harrison Job Atuta (was accidentally arrested) resides at Baba Dogo and the other one well known as John Ernest Onyango (escaped to unknown destination) but resides at Dandora Phase 3 near Stage 41, honestly I don’t know how they became crime partners, but their areas of work are Maili Saba, Shiranga, Obama Estate and Ogopa,” the mysterious cop posted.

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The cop continued: “They mercilessly terrorize innocent people from those areas, watu hupigwa kama nyoka na kunyang'anywa mali yao hadi ndani ya manyumba: On Friday last week, Okite pleaded with officers to spare his life coz he was only 3 days old in thiz illegal game, but am sure he will be out soon kama kawaida!!!!John Ernest, vile ulifaulu kutoroka, wewe nenda kabisa, kabisa. Usiwai onekana hapa Dandora hata siku moja.”

One shot dead

The mysterious cop exposed the two men and would later post a photo of baldy mutilated bodies of a Barian, alias Sanchez who was gunned doewn Tuesday morning.

He posted: “Brayo aka Sanchez,,Jambazi sugu, kijana ameuguza sana Ruaraka,... Hii gunshot wound, aliipata ile siku waliua officer Korir sasa wakati walikuwa wana-celebrate, firing bullets stupidly, kwa bahati nzuri akapigwa na jambazi mwenzake”

“Kijana akaamua kuweka mambo ya hopitali kando, akasema dawa ni miti shamba, Sasa mchana huu, amelambishwa lolo pale kwa bridge ya Kariadudu less than 150M ufike kwa akina George, his crime partner ambae pia alilamba lolo pale Dandora Phase 2 last week. Huyu siyo footballer, ni jambazi sugu,” the cop added.

Den of Thieves

The shooting comes a day after police raided Dandora area and gunned down four thugs who were highly associated with murder of a police officer in a Thika bound Kenya Mpya Bus attack last week.

The four thugs were said to have been working with a senior GSU officer to kill and rob residents.

Corporal Martin Korir of Ruaraka police post was killed by the four thugs, who have allegedly been working with a senior GSU officer identified as Wycliffe Nyandiki Simotanya, who has since been suspend from the service.

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A gun battle between the four thugs and the police in Dandora Phase 2 stunned residents, when police raided their hideouts, a move which saw them recover a gun that was stolen from Martin Korir.

Nyandiki is said to have led the four thugs who attacked a New Kenya Mpya bus bound for Thika from Nairobi, in which dozens were injured. He is said to have stabbed the police officer and later shot him dead.

The four are said to have been violent and armed and are known for causing sleepless nights for residents in Dandora, Ruaraka and Kariobangi.