Mary Kilobi reveals how her life changed after marrying Atwoli

I was not used to that kind of life

Speaking during The Other Side of Me interview, Kilobi divulged that she now gets the treatment of a queen with several maidservants at her beck and call.

For the 34-year-old this is strange as growing up as an orphan, life taught her to always take care of herself.

"There are things I want to do on my own but I now realize that there are helpers around me. And I just need to sit and enjoy. But I am used to running around and doing all these things.

"There are people always there with me saying madam ‘how are you?, how can I help you? There is breakfast what do you want to have?

“I was not used to that kind of life," she said.

Also, the bubbly anchor now gets the advantage of being chauffeured on the back left side like the boss she now is as the name Atwoli has magically transformed her status.

"A few times someone will chauffeur me but I still enjoy driving myself and I do not want that to change," she said.

Though speculations have been rife that Kilobi entered into a relationship with Atwoli because of his status and wealth, the news anchor dismissed the claims disclosing that she actually declined the COTU boss proposal on several occasions.

"Owing to his status, some people have said that I am with him for his money but I refused to be with him on several occasions before. I have met people with money before and I know some people with money do not respect others because they think it is all about his money.

"But the money is an added advantage," she said.

Mary has also been forced to cut down her many trips to Europe and the US, where she loves to go shopping.

"I do not just wake up and go to a place. Like I loved to go to the US every August and Europe in July. But right now we have to sit and agree. And a few time he will say no. He keeps on reminding me hat I need to adjust," she admitted.

Kilobi further confessed that she prefers dating older men as the last young person she was in a relationship with was her biggest regret in life.


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