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Cliff Ombeta puts DJ Fatxo on notice after viral interview

Renowned Nairobi lawyer Cliff Ombeta has issued a cautionary statement to Mugithi artist DJ Fatxo, advising him to avoid media interviews

Dj Fatxo and Lawyer Cliff Ombeta

Through a tweet sent on March 12, Cliff Ombeta argues that Fatxo runs the risk of contradicting himself and potentially incriminating himself further in the ongoing investigations into the death of Jeff Mwathi, where he is currently a person of interest.

According to Ombeta, anything Fatxo says at this moment could be used against him in a court of law. As such, he has urged the artist to remain silent and allow his lawyers to always speak on his behalf.


He emphasized that DJ Fatxo should not give the police grounds to contradict or investigate him further, as this could compromise his defense.

"Dj Faxto. Stop blundering. You are supposed to be quiet at this moment. Nil by mouth. Anything you say now is dangerous to you or your defense.

"Don't give cops ground to contradict or investigate. Let you lawyer speak. You can always deny what he says. "Misquoted" always helps," Ombeta wrote.


Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru is representing DJ Fatxo in the ongoing case. Both were present at a press conference on Saturday, where Fatxo gave a brief interview on the matter.

He shared details about his friendship with Jeff Mwathi, who reportedly died at his house.

During the interview, DJ Fatxo stated that he had known Jeff for two years and used to sell shoes to him.

He also mentioned that he reported Jeff's disappearance to the police. However, his statements have raised eyebrows, and some have criticized his comments as potentially damaging his case.


Ombeta's advice comes amid a widespread backlash against DJ Fatxo's first media interview.


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