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Shame on you! Netizens slam Moi University for launching multi-million shilling gate

Moi University has found itself under scrutiny as it celebrates the official launch of a grand gate, which has become the talk of social media.

Moi University Faces Backlash Over Lavish Gate-Launching Event

Moi University has found itself under scrutiny as it celebrates the official launch of a grand gate, which has become the talk of social media

While the university staff and administrators were in high spirits during the ceremony, a section of Kenyans expressed discontent and criticism regarding the extravagant gate project.

On Monday, December 11, Moi University hosted a ceremony to officially hand over its new gate, a structure characterised by an imposing architectural design.


The event marked the culmination of the construction project, with the contractor formally transferring the gate to the university.

Pictures shared by the institution online depicted the university staff lining the pathway leading into the institution.

Although the university did not disclose the financial details of the gate, it is believed to be a multi-million-shilling project, judging by the standards set by other higher learning institutions that have invested substantial funds in enhancing their gate aesthetics.


"Happening NOW…Official handing over of the university gate by the contractor today, Monday 11th December 2023," the university announced on its X post.

However, the celebration was met with mixed reactions, particularly from Kenyans on social media platforms.

While some praised the university for the grand structure, others raised concerns and criticisms, highlighting the challenges Moi University has faced in recent months.


A prevalent sentiment among critics was the university's financial struggles, with many questioning the prioritization of such an elaborate gate project amid reported challenges.

Moi University has been grappling with financial constraints, and this lavish gate raised eyebrows about the allocation of resources and whether it was a prudent use of funds.

A section of Kenyans expressed their reservations, emphasising that the university should focus on addressing existing issues such as staff welfare, infrastructure improvement, and academic resources rather than investing heavily in aesthetic projects.


@TuJadili Shame on all of you for lining up to launch a gate at an academic institution. You should be launching research project

@GFInfinity51 Not sure where this culture came from. Serious universities are investing in research and world class labs. Not world-class gates

@Nyuka_Bel What is our obsession with gates? I wish this was a handover of a patent or innovation!

@eunicevetu A gate???? Gate??? A whole university having a ceremony to handover a gate????

@lujiTeer_0 Isn't it ironic that a state-of-the-art library was launched here 30+ years ago and today, the same uni is launching........a GATE! The VC needs to do something EPIC to redeem himself from this embarrassment


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