Mugo Wairimu nearly destroyed my life – ODM official speaks

New details of Mugo Wairimu's criminal past


Disembe took to his Twitter account to narrate how Mugo nearly destroyed his life by setting him for a crime that almost had him jailed.

He claimed that the self-declared doctor had hacked his social media account, posted hate speech messages, and gone ahead to report to the police.

The ODM deputy spokesman said he returned to Kenya from the United States to find that he was a wanted man.

“I returned to Kenya and reported to the university only for my head of department to tell me that the police have been camping in campus, looking for me. NCIC detectives like IP Robert Mabera drew energy in hunting so called ‘anti-government’.”

“I contacted my lawyer friends, and went to court; whereof I was charged with hatespeech. The media branded me a “controversial blogger”. Splashed me on TV. Mugo wa Wairimu was one of the witnesses who had recorded statements with NCIC to have me arrested,” Disembe recalled.

The blogger-cum-political operative added added that he and his accuser were to meet in court, months later, but with Mugo facing rape charges, while he continued who defend his name.

Unfortunately, Disembe lost a scholarship on account of the charges he faced, while many of his personal relationships were severed by the accusations raised against him.

“While I hope it turns out well for Mugo; his narcissism and the pleasure he draws from seeing his victims suffer is a mental problem for which he needs help. I will never forget how he derailed my career for almost five years from the date NCIC dragged me to court…three scholarships, all that I could not follow through as my case dragged in court, kikuyu friends I’d made, some very personal friendships; got strained because of him and his gang, threats to my family…,” the ODM communication officer said a few hours after a second investigative documentary showed Mugo Wairimu had returned to his criminal ways.


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