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Details on the operations of Muhoho Kenyatta, Uhuru's younger bother

How Muhoho Kenyatta- the engine behind the successful Kenyatta family business empire operates

Known to his business colleagues and friends as MK the shrewd businessman operates discreetly and is almost impossible to recognize.

While many CEO’s are public figures and well known to the public, Muhoho has maintained a low profile despite being president Kenyatta’s younger brother and sitting in the boards of many companies linked to the Kenyatta family.

At one time, Muhoho reportedly walked past journalist into the boardroom of Mediamax limited without any of them recognizing him.


Until recently when he was named in the poisonous sugar importation scandal, the operations of Muhoho who is regarded as the engine behind the successful Kenyatta family business empire had been private.

In the wake of allegations, president Kenyatta did not relent on the war against corruption and urged the relevant authorities to prosecute Muhoho if indeed he was involved in the poisonous sugar scandal.

Muhoho prefers to stay away from the limelight and only comes out when his support is extremely necessary.

One of the few occasions he has appeared at political events was when his brother Uhuru Kenyatta was facing charges at the International Criminals Court.

At the time, the family matriarch Mama Ngina Kenyatta was marshalling the Kenyatta family and the public to stand in solidarity with Mr. Kenyatta in prayers.


On August 09 last year, as political temperatures reached fever-pitch, Muhoho Kenyatta made his way into Bomas of Kenya where IEBC was operating from to follow up on elections.

Characteristic of his discreet operations, journalist who had pitched tent at the venue failed to pick him out.

His presence is felt in board rooms of the various companies linked to the Kenyatta family which has interests in the dairy, banking, insurance and hospitality industries.


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