The Special request Uhuru Made to David Ndii's wife

David Ndii's wife made the revelation Today after the arrest of the husband.

Addressing the press in regard to the arrest of her husband, Mwende disclosed that she was in Diaspora until 2014 when the President asked her to come in the country to champion for the presidential digital transformation of Government.

"I have a message for the President. Uhuru Kenyatta sent a special request to the president of the African Development bank requesting for me to come and champion the presidential digital transformation of Government, his project, which he started because of the attack on Westgate.

According to Ndii's wife, she was supposed to create a database for Kenyatta's government which would have the data for all Kenyans and assist in tackling security challenges as well as creating transparency in the country.

"He called it the single source of truth. He called me because am an IT expert. He wanted me to create a database with all data on people on Kenya. The database would help in security issues and assist in fighting Al-Shabaab," she stated.

Mwende posed after making the revelation," I want to ask the President where is that gentleman in 2014? who asked me to come and create a single source of truth to create transparency in Kenya? My husband's arrest is not transparent.

Mwende said that her husband was not taken to Diani police station adding that she did even know where the husband was after the arrest.

"My husband is not a criminal, he is not corrupt. Where is my man? ~ Mwende asked.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Ndii is being held at DCI headquarters where his lawyers have been denied access.


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