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Mzee Moi’s aide reveals ex-President’s diet; why he is still strong at 94 years

Surprising details of what Moi eats on a daily basis


Speculation has been rife on the dietary discipline of the former President, with claims that he does not take any meat and mainly feeds of boiled cereals.

However, Njiru said in a recent documentary that Moi is an avid meat eater but has managed to remain fit and strong because of good genetics.


“His family is known for longevity. They live long. I have heard people say that Moi does not eat meat, but the centrality of Moi’s food is meat. Other things like vegetables are additions like vegetables and ugali are additions.”

“He slaughters an animal every day, mostly merino sheep. His is not a matter of food, but genetics. Let people not cheat you, Moi eats meat like a lion,” Njiru said.

Njiri served in the presidential press team for twenty five years – all along living in State House and enjoying the perks of being close to a President.


He began as a press officer under Mzee Jomo Kenyatta after which he was promoted to head the Presidential Press Service under President Moi.

Njiru has in the past made controversial statements claiming Mzee Kenyatta was neglected by his handlers who were more concerned in planning his succession rather than providing quality care to the founding President.


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