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Why I passed 8-percent VAT on fuel despite the Nos being louder in Parliament - Speaker

This is why I made the decision on fuel Tax

Narok Women Representative Soipan Tuya, who was the temporary Speaker on Thursday afternoon during the voting of the 8-percent VAT on petroleum products

Ms. Tuya came under heavy criticism for passing the Bill despite those objecting it being louder during the acclamation voting stage.

According to the legislator, she decided to give it to the ‘Ayes’ after the process became chaotic with opposing MPs breaking into chants and songs.


Speaking during a TV interview, Tuya mentioned that the passing of the Bill through the voice vote was just a formality that was leading to an electronic vote.

"The only procedural way to do it which is more of a formality is to have the Ayes have the vote which leads to a voting process so that we can have the actual numbers in the House.

"My having the Ayes was a formality to lead us to the vote," she said noting that the opposing MPs were not willing to follow the full procedure.

The Narok Women Rep claimed that the legislators did not want to do the actual vote and that was why they made a chaotic scene in Parliament.


For the Bill to be rejected, 233 members needed to vote against it.

"I tried to explain and guide the members on the procedure of voting but they did not give me the chance.

"Members were avoiding to take the vote because voting gives a physical list which shows where each and every person voted. Failure to take the vote would mean that the process is not complete," she said.

After a head count conducted by the clerks, it was recorded that only 215 members were presented. This meant that the House did not have enough quorum hence the Bill passed with no objection.


"When we do not have the two-thirds it means that the Ayes had it," she said.

She maintained that due procedure as stipulated in the Standing Orders was followed and accused lawmakers criticising her of being ignorant of the House laws.

"The people making noise especially the MPs are either ignorant of the rules and procedure of the House as well as constitutional provisions or they are full of hypocrisy and dishonesty," she said.


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