Moi's ally publicly shames DP Ruto in new fight

Moi introduced DP Ruto to politics back in 1992.

Speaking for the first time since the ugly incident in which the DP was locked out from meeting the former President, the Kanu Secretary General hit at DP Ruto, adding that he breached protocol, after his [DP Ruto] office failed to adhere to simple rules.

“Protocol failure on the part of the Deputy President, you don’t just walk into someone’s office. I am privy to Raila’s meeting with Mzee; I didn’t just happen that you are just flying in.

“He just jetted in. No notice. We didn’t hear anything from, but we saw him jet in and it was a totally failure on his side,” Salat said on Thursday during a TV interview.

Salat further revealed that the meeting between Moi and Raila took over three weeks planning, adding that it behooved the Deputy President’s team to explain what he had gone to do at Mzee Moi’s home in Kabarak.

“Like for Raila, it took the involved offices three weeks to plan. Mzee Moi’s team sent out a media brief because that was its work, so the DP’s team was also supposed to tell us why he had gone to meet Mzee.

That didn’t happen, because he knows he breached protocol on his part,” Salat said.

KANU-Jubilee struggles

The Kanu leader further explained that the ‘bad blood’ between him and several Kanu leaders may have worsened the situation in which he said, was bound to be controlled.

“The DP has been despising KANU left, right and centre. Moving forced, I can assure you that we are competitors and the party must be felt in 2022,” he added.

Earlier, Nandi County Senator Samson Cherargei had dismissed claims by the Moi brigade, adding that they had gone through all the necessary procedures to ensure a smooth meeting between the two leaders.

“There were threats issued to the security and aids of the former president not to allow DP Ruto to meet Mzee. It is not political, it is a private matter, and we should ask why Mzee Moi’s phones were unhooked,” Mr Cherargei said earlier.

The Deputy President flew to Moi's Kabarak home early this month where he had hoped to pay a courtesy call on Kenya's second President.

Upon landing at Kabarak Gardens, Ruto's delegation which included Energy CS Charles Keter, was informed that Mzee Moi was engaged elsewhere and could not meet them.

The Office of Former President H.E Mzee Moi said that unfortunately, Ruto's visit coincided with the time Moi was undergoing routine physical exercise with his doctors.

However, Mzee Moi agreed to meet the visitors at convenient time another day in the very near future.


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