NASA makes worrying threat on Uhuru's presidency after supreme court judgement 

NASA has warned that in the next seven days, Jubilee will.

Through head of NASA secretariat, Norman Magaya stated that Jubilee would feel the full wrath of the Opposition in the next 7 days, but failed to divulge more details on the threat."This election is not over until is over. Jubilee will taste what we have been saying in the next seven days. Our resolve is so firm, I don't see how Jubilee will survive this," Magaya said.

He warned that the Kenyatta administration would not know peace adding that they would not recognise the government."For as long as there is no electoral justice, there will be no peace for the government.

"We will not give government recognition. We will disobey through civil disobedience all its actions and manifestations right from the grassroots to the national level," Magaya mentioned.The Head of NASA secretariat, who was speaking during an interview on KTN at capitol hill on Monday night, hinted that they were considering swearing in Opposition leader Raila Odinga."We have a range of options in our hands. Swearing in Raila Odinga is one of our options on the table. It has been considered robustly," Magaya disclosed.President Kenyatta's win on October 26th election was upheld by the supreme court after they dismissed the two petitions challenging his win.While delivering the ruling, CJ David Maraga noted that the two petitions lacked merit, which led the judges to unanimously agree the Head of State was validly elected.

Shortly after the judgement, the former Prime minister, through his adviser Salim Lone, claimed that the Supreme Court decision was made under duress.“We in Nasa had repeatedly declared before this Supreme Court ruling today that we consider this government to be illegitimate and do not recognise it,” he said.“This position has not been changed by the court ruling. It was a decision taken under duress. We do not condemn the court, we sympathise with it," Odinga affirmed.


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