Government sets aside Sh1.5 million to build smoking zones

Anyone caught smoking outside the zones will be arrested.

The county's administration is stepping up its efforts to to fight tobacco use and enforce the public smoking ban.

Deputy Director of Public Health and Sanitation John Mugenyu announced that new laws will be formulated to regulate the rise of smoking the Nyeri.

"The two austerity measures will go a long way in empowering the government to criminalize public smoking that attracts a fine of not less than Sh50,000 as stipulated in the Tobacco Control Act of 2007," Mugenyu said.

Three smoking zones are expected to come up in Nyeri town by the end of 2018.

He asked the county assembly to support the budget to ensure the construction is successful.

The deputy director was addressing the Tobacco Control Board that was holding road shows to sensitize residents on the dangers of using tobacco.

The smoking zones will also help curb the exposure of second hand smoke to citizens.

Regular tobacco awareness seminars will be conducted in schools.


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