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David Ndii, Malala among those approved to join Cabinet

Highlights of Cabinet meeting chaired by President Ruto at State House

David Ndii

President Ruto has recently given clearance for his advisors, Monica Juma (National Security Advisor), David Ndii (Chairperson of Council of Economic Advisors), Harriette Chiggai (Women's Rights), and UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala to attend Cabinet meetings.

The Cabinet also made a decision to establish a committee to scrutinize pending bills from June 2005 to June 2022 took center stage.

The total value of these bills amounts to a staggering Sh640.9 billion, with Sh148 billion allocated to the national government and Sh159.9 billion allocated to County Governments.


The primary objective of the committee is to assess the integrity of these bills thoroughly. Once verified, the government will promptly settle any bills found payable, relieving the burden on businesses, particularly micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The committee will present its recommendations to the CS Treasury, and a final report is expected within 12 months.

Recognizing the need for improved service delivery, accountability, and accessibility to legal services at the grassroots level, the Cabinet has approved the establishment of decentralized offices of the Attorney General and Department of Justice in all 47 counties.


This decision aims to bridge the gap between citizens and the legal system by ensuring that legal services are readily available to all.

With decentralized offices, individuals and communities will have better access to legal advice, representation, and support, leading to enhanced justice and legal protection throughout the country.

Addressing the existing confusion and lack of accountability within the current tribunal system, the Cabinet has given approval for the transmission and introduction of the Tribunals Bill, 2023, to Parliament.

If enacted, this bill will streamline and regulate the administration and functions of Tribunals.


It will establish the Tribunals Registry, ensuring transparency, independence, and impartiality in their operations.

Kenya has been selected as the host country for the 5th mid-year coordination meeting of the African Union, regional economic communities, and regional mechanisms.

The meeting is scheduled to take place from 13th to 16th July in Nairobi. This significant event will bring together key stakeholders from across the continent to discuss and coordinate efforts aimed at promoting regional integration, economic development, and peace and security in Africa.


Kenya's role as the host nation will provide a platform for meaningful dialogues and collaboration on critical issues that affect the African continent as a whole.

The Cabinet has approved the hosting of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's sub-regional office in Kenya, signifying a significant partnership for the country.

This collaboration aims to support various sectors, including healthcare, agricultural transformation, and economic growth.

With the presence of the foundation's office, Kenya will attract increased investments and expertise, fostering sustainable development and innovation.


The partnership will further strengthen the country's efforts to address pressing challenges and improve the overall well-being of its citizens.

In preparation for the launch of over 5,000 fully digitized services, the Cabinet received an update on the status of the Digital Superhighway and the digitalization of government services.

This ambitious initiative aims to revolutionize public service delivery, making it more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly.

With the launch scheduled for Friday, June 30, citizens can look forward to a seamless experience when accessing a wide range of government services online.


The digitization drive will not only enhance convenience but also contribute to the government's goal of creating a more technologically advanced and digitally inclusive society.

During the Cabinet meeting, the government received a briefing on the prevailing drought and food situation in the country.

The forecast indicates an improved scenario, raising hopes for relief from the challenges posed by prolonged drought.

This positive outlook brings optimism for farmers and communities heavily reliant on agriculture.


The government remains committed to implementing strategic interventions to address food security and ensure the well-being of its citizens.


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