Sonko suspends top management at Pumwani after finding 12 hidden bodies

12 bodies of infants had been hidden in boxes at Pumwani Hospital

Pumwani Maternal Hospital. Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has suspended Pumwani Maternity Hospital top management after 12 infant bodies were found in a paper bag during an impromptu visit.

It was a state of disbelief and shock at the Hospital on Monday after Sonko discovered the bodies of infants hidden in boxes. The Governor suspended three top management immidiately.

Sonko said the visit was prompted by a video he had received showing some members of the administration ferrying bodies from the wards.

The bodies were wrapped together in polythene bags and stuffed in three boxes inside a store as opposed to a mortuary.The Governor visited the facility on a boda boda, catching the management off at the hospital off guard.

“Conducting impromptu visit at Pumwani Hospital, where it’s alleged by members of the public that the management shut down the machines at the Maternity Wing, leading to loss of lives of young ones," Sonko said during the raid.


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