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Kenyans react with outrage on inhumane treatment, harassment and discrimination of Kenyan SGR workers

The untold pain and suffering of Kenyan SGR workers causes uproar

The expose contained in the Sunday Standard revealed systemic racial discrimination in which unwritten laws dictate that Kenyan workers cannot share the same table with their Chinese counterparts.

The same extends to the staff vans which Kenyans are not to share with their Chinese colleagues and have to wait long hours to share an overcrowded van.

They are also not allowed to use their phones in the train and the penalty for this is dismissal as opposed to their Chinese counterparts who have the luxury of using their phones and even smoking on the train.


The report further revealed that conservationists are also crying foul after the report revealed that the train sensors are not working with two lions ad five buffaloes killed so far.

Kenyan locomotive drivers who were trained in China have never had a chance to drive the locomotive and have instead been turned into errand boys and doing manual jobs such as menial jobs such as cleaning and garbage collection.

Kenyan drivers have only taken control of the train once during its launch by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the full glare of cameras.

Even manual jobs such as cleaning, garbage collection are slowly being taken over by an endless line of Chinese workers eager to take on the roles as soon as a Kenyan is dismissed on flimsy grounds.

Some Kenyans earn less than a quarter of what their Chinese counterparts earn for the same job.


The working conditions leave much to be desired with some employees lacking protective gear and with no washrooms in the driver’s cab forcing some to relieve themselves on the track lines.

While the Chinese workers are having a field day harassing their Kenyan counterparts, the Kenyan taxpayer is struggling with a daily debt of 30 Million shillings translating into 1 Billion shillings monthly for the project that cost the taxpayer .


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