Man who discovered Sharon Otieno’s body makes new revelations, appeals for help

I need help-Moses Ongili cries out

In an interview with a local newspaper, Ongili who does not trust strangers any more for fear that they could be Sharon’s killers out to harm him for uncovering their tracks asked for police protection.

The events of that fateful afternoon have also left him mentally disturbed and in dire need of help.

“I have neither slept well nor eaten since I found the body. It disturbs my mind and I need help,” he stated.

Ongili admitted that the ghastly scene of the gruesome murder left him deeply traumatized and have stuck with him to date hence he is in dire need of counselling.

His request comes barely a few hours after an imposter duped the police and was allowed to meet Michael Oyamo the key suspect in the murder and PA to Migori Governor Okoth Obado who is in police custody.

Ongili was soon to learn that what he had just discovered was no ordinary murder as news made rounds with police arresting Michael Oyamo.

The gravity of the matter would sink in when the family of the deceased emerged with claims that Sharon was romantically involved with Migori county boss with the family adding that she was seven months pregnant for the governor at the time of her death.


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