Kenyan leaders who support Trump’s shithole comment

Do you support them?

Many Africans leaders and a section of Americans were up in arms expressing displeasure in Mr. Trump’s choice with words.

#Shitholes was also among the top trending topics globally, where netizens gave their piece of mind on how Trump was a racist and their countries were beautiful places and not shitholes.

Welcomed statement

However, as Kenyans ranted over Trump’s remarks there several leaders who welcomed his statement noting that the contextual meaning of shithole rightfully defined Kenya.

First on this list was NASA leader Raila Odinga’s personal assistant, Dennis Onyang’o, who agreed with the leader of the First World.

According to Mr. Onyang’o, Kenya was a shithole because it was unable to pay its professionals who then run to the US for greener pastures.

“There are shithole nations on earth that cant pay their doctors, professors, nurses, teachers and cant elect leaders. Their citizens run to the US, Europe and even Middle East. Trump says it and we feign anger but none leaves US to return home. Trump is right,” he said.

At the same time, Former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo also supported the no-nonsense Head of State.

Speaking during an interview Mr. Midiwo noted: "Trump is telling it as it is that your country is a shithole".

Accurate reflection

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi also sparked a debate after opining that Trump’s sentiments were true.

As per Prof Ngunyi the statement was an accurate reflection of the African countries. He suggested that the remark was only perceived racists because of the person who made them.

“African Countries are SH*THOLE Nations. We Know It. But the WORD Sh*thole is like NIGGER. A Muzungu Uses it, it is RACIST - although TRUE!” Ngunyi tweeted.

Political analyst and University Don Edward Kisiang'ani was also of the opinion that the Trump’s words befittingly described Kenya.

Mr Kisiang’ani noted:Shithole counties stink of corruption, tribalism theft of public resources, electoral fraud n self-imposed underdevelopment. Trump is right about us".

Mr Odinga and several other leaders are on record castigating Mr. Trump terming his choice of words derogatory.

The former Prime Minister also demanded the US President to apologise to the African continent.

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