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DP Ruto blocks NTV journalist hours after bruising interview

He joins a long list of people blocked by DP Ruto including Miguna and Boniface Mwangi.

Steve Juma was critical of the DP in a tweet that left him blocked by DP Ruto’s twitter handlers. He had to share the shameful act on Facebook, Monday morning.

“After posting what I considered as a fair comment on Ruto’s Twitter page following his interview on NTV, it was deleted and I was further gagged. Wait until I create another Twitter account in the name of #RutoknowsNoCorruption. I guess I will be readmitted,” he said on Facebook.

While he did not divulge details of the tweet to the DP, he claimed that the tweet was consequently deleted.


In the recent past, DP Ruto also blocked self-declared National Resistance Movement leader Miguna Miguna.

He would later emerge and explain that "I don’t allow negative people to terrorise me. If you are going to make it your business to say negative things about me and my family, I will block you.”

It was even worse for activist Boniface Mwangi, whom the DP blocked and sued for defamation over the land grabbing tweet.

DP Ruto filed a defamation case in 2016 against Mwangi over a Twitter post. In court papers, the deputy president wanted the court to compel the activist to delete the message posted on September 28, 2016 and compel him to publish an apology.


He also was seeking for the activist to be barred from ever publishing or posting on social media any defamatory material against him.

DP Ruto appeared on NTV on Sunday night and seemingly dodged various questions of national importance in what Kenyans online have described as a bruising interview on live TV.


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