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Top 15 TV stations in Kenya by viewership - Geo Poll report

Beyond the big three, Maisha Magic East, TV47, and K24 have been steadily gaining ground.

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In Kenya, television has long been a staple in the lives of its citizens, providing them with a window to the world, a source of news, and a platform for entertainment.

With a dynamic media industry, Kenyan viewers have a plethora of choices, ranging from news outlets to entertainment channels.

The Geopoll data on viewership for the month of September sheds light on the current state of the television landscape in the country, revealing intriguing trends and confirming some long-standing favorites.

Citizen TV stands tall at the summit of the Kenyan television hierarchy, boasting an astonishing viewership of 22,861,000.


Its enduring popularity can be attributed to its versatile programming, which seamlessly blends news, entertainment, and local content.

The channel's commitment to engaging the audience has solidified its position as the undisputed leader.

NTV, with 10,680,000 viewers, secures the second spot, celebrated for its credible news coverage and diverse programming. Meanwhile, KTN, with 9,268,000 viewers, retains its firm footing, thanks to its unique blend of news and entertainment content.


Beyond the big three, Maisha Magic East, TV47, and K24 have been steadily gaining ground.

Maisha Magic East's 8,451,000 viewership showcases the growing demand for local and regional entertainment content, while TV 47's 6,885,000 viewers have embraced its mix of news and diverse programming.

Launched in 2019, TV47 has quickly become a worthy contender in mainstream broadcasting.


K24's 6,620,000 viewership maintains its presence in the competitive market.

SUPERSPORT, with 6,686,000 viewers, has established itself as the go-to channel for sports enthusiasts, offering a rich array of sporting events and analysis.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) continues to serve a broad spectrum of the population with 6,443,000 viewers, reflecting its vital role as the state-owned broadcaster.

Meanwhile, Triple P, Inooro TV, and Akili Kids cater to specific audiences, each with their unique programming and 5,450,000, 5,384,000, and 4,568,000 viewers respectively.


UTV, Ramogi, and Zee World round off the top 15 with 4,457,000, 4,391,000, and 4,391,000 viewers respectively. Their presence underscores the diversity of Kenyan viewers' preferences, from local culture to international content.

As the Geopoll data indicates, Kenya's television landscape is vibrant and multifaceted, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

The top 15 TV Stations in Kenya according to Geopoll data:

  1. Citizen TV - 22,861,000 viewers
  2. NTV - 10,680,000 viewers
  3. KTN - 9,268,000 viewers
  4. KTN News - 9,113,000 viewers
  5. Maisha Magic East - 8,451,000 viewers
  6. TV47 - 6,885,000 viewers
  7. SUPERSPORT - 6,686,000 viewers
  8. K24 - 6,620,000 viewers
  9. KBC - 6,443,000 viewers
  10. Triple P - 5,450,000 viewers
  11. Inooro TV - 5,384,000 viewers
  12. Akili Kids - 4,568,000 viewers
  13. UTV - 4,457,000 viewers
  14. Ramogi - 4,391,000 viewers
  15. Zee World - 4,391,000 viewers


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