President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday morning launched the new-look coins that will be in compliance of the Constitutional requirement that Kenyan currency should not bear the face of any individual.

President Kenyatta made the announcement at the Central Bank of  Kenya (CBK) headquarters, adding that release of the new currency would begin immediately.

"I am extremely pleased that today we can achieve yet another milestone, launching the  family of new generation coins," the President said.

The head of state added that the new coins would bear features that would make them easily usable by persons with visual imprairments.

"I am also informed that the coins contain features that make them more accessible to visually impaired persons and I applaud you for that," he said.

No time line was given for release of the new generation of notes, although the company awarded the printing tender, De La Rue had indicated that they would be ready in 2019.

Launch of the new generation currency has delayed over the past eight years over tender wars and lack of commitment from government officials.