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VIDEO: U.S. comedian's take on Brian Mwenda saga garners over 3M views

Brian Mwenda's story goes viral world wide as a U.S. based celebrity comedian weighs in

Brian Mwenda in court

Brian Mwenda, the self-proclaimed lawyer facing allegations of practicing law without the necessary qualifications, has gained widespread attention in the United States, capturing headlines and sparking discussions about his arrest.

Even celebrity comedian Ray William Johnson featured Mwenda's story in a commentary across his popular social media platforms, generating over 2.5 million views on TikTok and surpassing 500K views on YouTube.

Mwenda's story has gone viral, and the world is reacting to it.


Some have drawn parallels between Mwenda and Mike Ross, a character from the TV series 'Suits', who similarly became a lawyer without the requisite qualifications.

Social media platforms buzzed with commentary after Mwenda was unmasked as a masquerader, having allegedly impersonated another person with the same name to practice law in Kenyan courts.

Videos depicting Mwenda in court, presenting arguments and defending clients, have circulated online.

One intriguing aspect of the saga that gained significant traction was the claim that Mwenda had won all 26 cases.

This narrative, portraying him as a hero, resonated widely, but the Law Society of Kenya, led by President Eric Theuri, has refuted these alleged victories.


The society has labeled Mwenda a forger and called for his arrest.

Regrettably, certain international media outlets, including the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, have picked up the story without thoroughly verifying its details.

The Daily Mail's social media post with the caption, "Fake' lawyer who won all 26 of his cases without legal training arrested," garnered attention, contributing to the global conversation surrounding Mwenda.

With the screaming misleading headlines that Mwenda won 26 cases, the world sat back and shared its thoughts.


While some comments were humorous, others genuinely called for relevant stakeholders to acknowledge Mwenda's prior learning and possibly grant him a license.

On Monday, October 23, Brian sought release on favorable bail terms from a Nairobi court.

His legal representation argued against the notion that he poses a flight risk, contending that there is no motive for him to leave the country.

Brian accused the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) of overstepping its mandate, portraying their actions as politically motivated during the current season.

He emphasized disparities in how the LSK has handled past cases of impersonation in comparison to his own.


The magistrate is set to decide on his bail plea


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